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There are many helpful approaches for actors and no one right way to explore the craft. It's a very personal journey for the actor, and as they build their toolbox, they should put in it whatever works for them. 


We have worked with many actors who have found our particular approach to acting to be both unique and highly beneficial for them. In many instances it has assisted them in finding representation, finding work, creating work and paving professional careers. We're passionate about what we do and the environment we foster.  

At its heart, the Diner's approach is Meisner based, but it has continued to evolve in its own way over many years of application. We're excited by generous, grounded, authentic, alive and unpredictable acting.  


Finally, the Diner is passionate about building and connecting a community of supportive, non-competitive and down-to-earth artists, who can potentially work with one another. We're extremely proud to have seen Diner actors create work for film, TV and stage together. We're also super proud to have had the opportunity to employ Diner actors along the way.

The Diner's focus is on private sessions, with a range of different options on offer. Please check out our menu for a list of available services. 


Dig in! 

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